Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Contopronto sells technology to Saudi Arabian Company Zafa Ltd.

See this press release. But do visit Contopronto's website as well. It turns out that they no longer accept customers and that the usage domain is restricted to Norway.

What I think has happened here is that Contopronto has wrongly assumed that its Norwegian license as an e-money issuer would allow the use in all EU-countries. Having boasted about this in the media, the bank supervisor may now have informed Contopronto about the proper scope of their license (local at first, international only after notification of other bank supervisors in Europe).

Monday, March 01, 2004

Simpay aims for Ä 1 billion digital content market

This press release of Simpay demonstrates the stakes in the digital content market. Simpay aims to be the main scheme, allowing for a total amount of Ä 1 billion in payments. Now, if that doesn't illustrate the size of the e-money market, nothing will. Consequently, the Commission will have no alternative but to fully regulate this sector under the e-money rules.

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