Thursday, November 21, 2002

Pre-paid met vaste toestellen

De Automatiseringsgids meldt dat KPN binnenkort een proef met pre-paid bellen voor vaste telefonie hoopt te beginnen. Het behoeft nog toestemming van de OPTA. Mocht hiermee gebeld kunnen worden naar 0900-nummers dan is ook de regelgeving elektronisch geld van toepassing (toestemming DNB....).

Friday, November 15, 2002

Electronic Money and Electronic Money Institutions: a position paper on regulation, definitons and the market

Today, 1.1a2, Association for e-money issuers in the Netherlands, is publishing its position paper on Electronic Money and Electronic Money Institutions. The paper discusses the concept of electronic money, its market potential and the current regulatory issues. 1.1a2 chose to publish this paper at this specific moment in time as substantial differences appear to exist in the way the EMI directive is understood and implemented by regulators/supervisors in the various member states of the European Union.

We invite you to read the complete summary or download the Word document (131 kB).

In the paper we conclude that, at present, there is insufficient harmonisation of the prudential supervision framework for electronic money. More specifically, the concept of a technology-neutral approach has not yet been fully adopted and harmonised. As a result:
- a particular e-money system may qualify as e-money in one member state, while in another member state it will be considered a remote banking system,
- even within member states, functionally similar e-money systems may qualify differently on the basis of their distinct technical features.

1.1a2 urges European competent supervisors:
1- to postpone local compliance activities in the domain of electronic money and electronic money institutions until their supervisory approaches have been harmonised and are in accordance with the principle of technological neutrality,
2- to consider the functional approach of the Financial Services Authority as the basis for the harmonised approach to supervision of electronic money institutions,
3- to recognise the relevance of recent and future product developments in the mobile telecom industry to the electronic money debate.

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